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The Lord loves you, let his glory be revealed in your life

Remember, as Children of God:

  • The Lord inhabits the Praises of his people (Psalms 22:3)

  • Bring your Tithes to the hous eof the Lord (Malichi 3:10-11)

  • Live a life that is holy and acceptable to God. (I Peter 1:16)

  • Humble yourselves and pray, fast and give to the needy. (Isaiah 58: 6-9)

  • Connet with other saints. (Hebrew 10:25)

  • READ THE WORD. ( Psalms 119:105, II Timothy 3:16-17)

  • Tell others about Jesus. ( Matthew 28:19-20, Jon 12:32)

Remember it takes you being @ Liberty to wlak in your greatness. tell someone about what the Lord has done for you today!

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