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Do other religions baptize?

Baptism is majorly practiced by the Christian faith although different denomination baptize with different reasons. Some practice as a way of purification, rebirthing or initiation. Water or blood is the commonly used liquid of baptism.

Why is it important for a believer to be baptized?

Baptism is very important in a any believer as;

a) Jesus Christ commanded it to be done.

In the Great Commission Jesus Christ commands that those who have believed to be baptized. It is the first command that Jesus Christ gives after repentance. So a believer is baptized according to the command of Jesus. ( Mathew 28:18-20).

b) As a way of celebrating the forgiveness of sins.

When we repent our sins and believe in Jesus Christ we are forgiven. As we are dipped into water it symbolizes our death to old sinful life and when we come out of water we are celebrating our newness in life that comes with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This act of baptism is symbolic and is accompanied by a celebration towards the person being baptized.

c) We are identified with Jesus Christ death and resurrection.

Through baptism we are one with Jesus Christ in death and buried together with Him and Just as Jesus Christ was raised from the dead we are raised together with Him to walk in the newness of life.

d) We are baptized because Jesus Christ also was baptized.

If we claim to be Christians meaning that we follow Jesus Christ, we should be ready to follow all the instructions He left us to follow. One of it is baptism.

Christ showed us and example and we should therefore be ready to follow all that he did.

e) Baptism is a public declaration of our faith.

When we get baptized we are publicly declaring to the whole world that we are new creatures in Christ Jesus and that the old has gone. This makes us conduct our lives in the newness of life.

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