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Four Features of the True Church

Traditionally, most individuals with religious beliefs are members of some religious organizations. Although most illustrate their association as a "church," there have been different efforts to distinguish between other types of established religious organizations, from small chapels to massive international denominations in the Christian custom. The phrase "church" is a rather generic description for different denominations such as Methodist, Roman Catholic, and Anglican. Numerous denominations claim to follow Jesus Christ, but they cannot be all correct because they have opposing practices and dogmas.

Conversely, cults are religious organizations that differ considerably from the true church. Mostly, a cult is started by leaders with strong influence and authority for believers. They consist of firm dogmas, making it hard for the members to leave. One common feature of all cults is they reject that salvation is only through Jesus. Several of them are precise concerning this, thus are classified as non-Christian cults. Others believe almost what believers do, but if well scrutinized, their doctrines differ with God's Word, hence referred to as Pseudo-Christian Cults.

How to Decipher between the True Church of Christ, Cults, and other Religion.

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