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Four Steps to Developing Good Habits

A habit can be defined as a regular practice that is hard to give up. It is a person's mannerisms or life patterns. Good habits are practices that often lead to physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Developing good habits can remarkably better the quality of your life. More so, good habits will propel you to achieving your goals as well as have a healthy relationship with others.

Changing or developing new habits is not an easy process. It calls for high levels of discipline, commitment, and patience. Besides, since habits are formed from deeper self a change requires one to work on self-awareness and have the will to change. So, how do you start developing good habits and keep them? Here are some five strategies to developing good habits;

1. Identify the Bad Habit(s) and Commit to Change

The most important step towards developing good habits is becoming aware of the bad habits in your life. These could be related to health, finances, relationships, and so on. Acknowledge you have a problem, realize the need to change, make a choice to take control of the behavior, and take action. Taking action is easier said than done. Remember the longer you put off taking an action the worse the situation will get. Putting off habit change will always make it harder.

2. Identify and Analyze Triggers to Bad Habits

List down what triggers bad habits and look for ways of eliminating or avoiding the trigger. Since habits are often activated by external forces, minimizing or eliminating exposure will reduce your vulnerability. Look for better ways of dealing with what leads to bad habits.

3. Take Step-by- Step Change

Since change can be terrifying, divide the change you desire to small steps or levels. Start with something easy on you. A change that won’t be easy to give up on. This will ensure consistency and increased commitment.

4. Seek Support from Family and Friends

Make those close to you aware of your choice to change. Good and healthy relationships will motivate you as well as keep you off temptations to slide back to bad habits. Remember to keep good company, people who will understand and support you in letting go of the old self. Good support will make achieving your goals easier.

Conclusively, it is important to recognize and celebrate your achievements no matter how small. This will motivate you to repeat it. Habits done repeatedly will eventually be your way of life and you will no longer struggle to do them.

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