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The Types and Benefits of Long-lasting and Healthy Relationships

A relationship is a connection between two or more people. It is that state where people are connected in a particular way to benefit mutually. Every person needs to be in various relationships to enjoy a meaningful life. While there are many types of relationships, the most common ones include:

· Family relationships

· Friendship

· Acquaintances

· Romantic relationships

We shall briefly look into each of these categories. Finally, we shall discuss why you need to form long-lasting relationships.

The Common Types of Relationships

1. Family relationships

This relationship consists of people that you have a connection with through blood, marriage, romantic relationships, or adoption. The family members need to provide closeness and love. You can confide in family members and discuss personal things.

Parents need to offer support, guidance, and discipline to younger members. However, as children grow up and leave their parent’s nest, the role of their parents should not become less of guidance and more of mutual support. It is our belief that parents should be able to provide Godly guidance, wisdom and influence to their children and children’s children as long as they are alive.

2. Friendship

Friends are people who you’re not related to but choose to share your time, ideas, and resources with them. You should trust, care about, respect, and feel that you can confide in them. As a reciprocal relationship, friendship exists only if both of you see each other as a friend.

It is normal to feel closer to certain friends than others. Therefore, you need to be careful who you confide in and who not to do so. You will definitely need the Holy Spirit to direct you with this one.

It is worth noting that some friendships eventually lead to romantic and marriage relationships.

3. Acquaintances

These are people you meet regularly but are not relatives or friends. Such people include a neighbor you may every morning on your way out, a work colleague, or a person you’ve met occasionally at a social event, but you don’t yet know them well.

For you to avoid stress, it is good to maintain a harmonious existence with acquaintances. Therefore, interact with them politely and respectfully.

In most cases, such relationships can become friendships.

4. Romantic relationship

This relationship is where you have developed a strong attraction towards another person. The other person also reciprocates the same feeling towards your personality and, often, physique.

Most romantic relationships are heterosexual, and or view regarding this is that of the word of God, The Holy Bible. Usually, marriages and life partnerships have their foundations on romantic relationships. People in such relationships often live together, see each other often, and stay in contact frequently. For this one you need the Holy Spirit guidance and wisdom from experience Godly people in your life to make the right decisions and to remain pure before the Lord. It is not ok to have sexual encounter with someone just because you are attracted to them. Especially as young people/adults. You should not put yourselves in or be pressured into compromising positions just because you’re a male and female and it is the norm. The bible says that those who are single (women) cares should be about doing the work of the Lord. (I Corinthians 7:33-35). For both male and female he body is the temple of the Lord and he will destroy those who defile it – not just by participating in sexual activities but from, smoking etc.(I Corinthians 6:15-20, I Corinthians 3:16-17)

The importance of nurturing a long-lasting relationship

1. Reduced stress

Researchers have found out that people that are in supportive relationships are less responsive to psychological stress. The emotional and social support can buffer you against a stressful situation.

2. A greater sense of purpose

Relationships make you feel that you’re part of something bigger. It gives you a sense of being needed to do something good for other people. That sense of purpose can motivate you to avoid stress, as mentioned above. Consequently, it boosts your well-being and adds some years to your life.

3. Healthier behaviors

A robust relationship is one of the great foundations of a healthy lifestyle. You’re likely to follow in the footsteps of your family and friends if they encourage you to eat a healthy diet, avoid smoking, and exercise. It is much easier to exercise a healthy lifestyle if people that care for you surround you.


We all need to form long-lasting relationships to benefit mutually. Such relationships hugely depend on the place and nature of their formation. For you to enjoy a great relationship, you need to show respect, care, and consideration for the other parties in the connection. We need to establish great relationship with one another as citizens of the Kingdom pf God. Whether you are a 5-Fold leader (Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher), a missionary, a minister (all believers are ministers because we have a ministry of reconciliation 2 Corinthians 5:18-19). Let us try not to use people only for our selfish gain and then pretend as though we never know them or only foster a relationship because of an evil ulterior motive. Let us love one another and exalt one another.

“It takes you being at liberty to walk in Greatness.”

Shallaywa Collie

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