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This book is dedicated to Jehovah, my heavenly Father, who has called me His ‘Son’ through Christ Jesus and has made me apart of His family. As a ‘Son’ I have stepped into an understanding of a loving Father who longs for fellowship with me and has given me His nature. I extend special dedications to my biological father, Bishop Sidney Collie who has been a mentor and inspirational dad to his children. It was through his fatherhood that I was better able to understand true father-son relationships and was able to parallel it to my heavenly Father.To my Spiritual covering and mentors, Bishop James Rodney Roberts of Five Porches of Deliverance Apostolic Tabernacle and Apostle Bertril Baird of Trinidad. Thank you for mentoring and releasing me into Church Ministry to equip the saints. To all Spiritual Leaders whose ministry and message have impacted my life including: Dr. Myles Munroe, the late Apostle Turnel Nelson, Pastor Samuel Phillips and Bishop Ross Davis, thank you for releasing many into purpose and Sonship.To every human across the world whose life has been broken and limited because they did not understand their position, relationship and authority in Christ. This book is an attempt to restore man’s true identity in Jesus.Finally, this book was inspired to teach and encourage you to be all that God called you to be and achieve; to stand as a whole person.I extend special dedications to children born of single parents, rape, broken marriage and adoptions.To the nations in whom children are being born in oppressed societies, with broken self-confidence and shattered dreams because of opinions and limited resources.This message is for you!!

You are my Father; I am your Son - Understanding Kingdom Sonship

  • Item Weight : 11.4 ounces

    Paperback : 293 pages

    ISBN-10 : 0578654377

    ISBN-13 : 978-0578654379

    Publisher : Shallaywa Hinds (March 5, 2020)

    Product Dimensions : 5 x 0.74 x 8 inches

    Language: : English

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